• Check-in / Check-out
    • Q. We will arrive to guest house before 4 PM, can we leave our luggage?

      A. We can keep your luggage at guest house from 9.00 am onwards.

      Q. And then should we come back by 5 PM to take our luggage??

      A. After cleaning the room, we will carry them into your room. So you can come back anytime after 4 PM

      Q. is there any possibility of late check-in?

      A. Yes, 4.00 pm onwards you can check-in any time until check-out day.

      Q. What is the “self-check-in system?

      A. ”Self check-in refers to check-in by yourself on arrival. Check in time is 4 pm so we set key lockers around that time just look for your booking name at lockers near reception and use the 4 digit code we sent you in e-mail to open the locker and get your room key, for further details

      Q. Is it possible to check-out at 12.00 pm?

      A. No, its not possible to extend check-out time.

  • Luggage
    • Q. Can we send (by post) our luggage before check-in? (aapproximately 2-3 days before)

      A. Yes, its possible for you to send your luggage before your arrival (approximately 2-3 days)

      Q. We will check out tomorrow but we will come back, day after tomorrow. So on our first check-out, can we keep our luggage at your guest house?

      A. Perhaps you can keep your luggage but it also depends on how many bags you will be holding and period between check-in and check-out.

      Q. We have two booking number in a row. Can we stay in the same room?

      A. Thank you for telling in advance. That would be fine to stay with same room.

      Q. Is there any possibility to keep our luggage on check-out day?

      A. Yes, you can keep your luggage at guest house until 4.30pm on check-out day. However, we would like to recommend ‘i-Satellite’, which provides luggage service for free of cost from 9.00am to 9.00pm. If you check out before 9 am, please keep them in your room.
      【i-Satellite】 〒600-8216 Kyoto, Kyoto-shi, Shimogyo-ku Higashisiokouzi-cho 544-2 2F


  • Transportation
    • Q. Can you book taxi on behalf of customer?

      A. Yes. Upon your arrival, please ask office staff about taxi booking.

      Q. Do you provide free transportation facility from Kyoto Station to Guest House?

      A. No, we can not provide any type of free transportation facility.

      Q. If not then can you suggest transportation?

      A. Yes, we can suggest you the cheapest and easiest way to get to the guest house. Please send your inquiry separately to guest house mail address.

      Q. Do you sell any ticket for transportation ?

      A. No, we don’t sell those things. Please buy it by yourself at station or information center.

  • Booking
    • Q. Is there any possibility of choosing floor or room according to our preference?

      A. No, you can not choose floor or room according to your preference.

      Q. In case in emergency, is it possible to extend stay?

      A. Sometimes, it can be possible. Please confirm with office staff.

      Q. I want to cancel reservation.

      A. “Yes, you can cancel reservation.
      Please go through the cancellation policy on website.

      【Room Only】
      1.For ‘Room Only’ pattern – reservation should be cancelled before 5 days of check-in then only we can refund 100% of booking amount.
      【Non Refundable】
      2. For ‘ Non-Refundable’ pattern – Refund is not possible for non-refundable policy.

      Q. Is it possible to modify reservation?

      A. Yes, you can modify reservation by yourself through booking site.

      Q. How much is a room / night?

      A. Room charges are different according to season. Please go through the website. (According to season)

      Q. Are the rates per room or per person?

      A. Charge is per room basis.

      Q. Do I need to pay for my kids?

      A. Upto 5 years old, it is free. And thereafter you need to book other room separately.

      Q. How do I know that room is booked?

      A. You will receive “Thank you for booking” mail.

      Q. Can I book two rooms of different categories?

      A. Yes, it’s absolutely possible to book different types of rooms at once.


  • Payment
    • Q. How and when can we pay room charges?”

      A. It depends on the booking plan

      【Room only】
      Please make sure you check how to use the booking system (Flow of procedure)before you book.

      【Non refundable】
      We will get for payment from your credit card you registered on Booking.com”

      Q. I do not have Paypal account, how can I pay?

      A. You can pay without your Paypal account.

      Q.Which credit cards are acceptable?

      A. Almost all kinds of credits cards are acceptable except Union Pay. e.g. Master Card, VISA, American Express etc.

      Q. Can I book without a credit card?

      A. No. You need to have a credit card to pay room charges.

      Q. No. You need to have a credit card to pay room charges.

      A. No, because we provide ‘self check-in’ service. So, it should be paid before check-in day.

      Q. Do you allow international bank transfer to pay room charges?

      A. No, we can not accept payment via bank transfer.

      Q. According to Bookin.com, we can cancel free of charge until 5 day before arrival. Why we need to pay with 7 days.

      A. It is an our payment system. If you got an invoice e-mail, please pay for the fee within 7 days. After completing the payment, if cancelled or modified up to 5 days before date of arrival, we would refund all.

  • Facility
    • Q. Do you offer Baby cots for infant?

      A. Yes, we have one baby cot in our Schmied Nishinotoin. Please talk to the office representative on your arrival.

      Schmied Nishinotoin(info-n@guesthouseinkyoto.com)

      Q.  Do you have an iron in the guest house?

      A. There is one iron in Arklead and Schmied only.

      Arklead Gojo Horikawa(info-a@guesthouseinkyoto.com)
      Schmied Nishinotoin(info-n@guesthouseinkyoto.com)

      Q. Do you provide ‘Onsen (Hot spring)’ service?

      A. No. Please ask about it around guest house to staff at reception.

      Q. Can we stay at guest house with wheel chair?

      A. We have only one room for wheel chair. It is Villacourt Nanajo Karasuma. Please ask if there is a vacancy.

      Villa Court Karasuma Nanajo(info-v@guesthouseinkyoto.com)

  • Service
    • Q. What are the reception opening hours?

      A. From 9.00am to 5.00pm

      Q. For long stay, (more than one week) is it possible to cleanyour room midstay? (atleast after 4-5 days)

      A. Yes. Regarding cleaning, you can talk with office representative on you arrival.

      Q.Is there any tea-coffee machine available in room?

      A. We do not have any machine for drinks, but we do provoide you a kettlel and gas stove so making tea or coffee, it would not be hard

      Q. Is there any break-fast, lunch and dinner service that you provide?

      A. No, we can not provide break-fast, lunch and dinner service. You need to look for meal by yourself.

      Q. (for emergency case) Do you provide ‘Currency exchange Service’?

      A. No, currency exchange will be not available at guest house, but you can find currency exchange counter near by Kyoto Station.


  • Emergancy
    • Q. First Aid Kit’, is it available in room?

      A. We have a simple first aid kit without internal medicine in the reception. Please do not hesitate to ask

      Q. If there is a problem after close the reception, anybody help us?

      A. Yes, there is a intercom near the reception. You can call to manager if you have a problem.

  • Rental
    • Q. Is there any possibility to rent a bi-cycle?

      A. Yes, you can rent a bi-cycle at Parkside Umekoji, Highland Shimabara. Please talk to the guest house representative on your arrival.

      Parkside Umekoji (info-p@guesthouseinkyoto.com)
      Highland Shimabara (info-h@guesthouseinkyoto.com)

      Q. Can we rent ‘pocket wi-fi’?

      A. No, we do not provide ‘pocket wi-fi’ rental service. However, you can get free wi-fi in room.

  • Parking
    • Q. Where is a parking lot? or Can I park my car?

      A. We do not have parking for cars. There are some public car parkings.

      Q. Is there bicycle parking available at the guesthouse?

      A. Free bicycle parking is available.You do not need a reservation. Please consult with office staff before or on your arrival.

  • Pet / guide dog
    • Q. Pets are allowed or not?

      A. No, pets are strictly prohibited.

      Q. Can I saty at guest house with a guide dog

      A. Yes, you can stay here with your guide dog