You can enjoy your stay in Kyoto to your satisfaction as Kamo River- Kiyomizu Gojo is located just near Kamogawa. It is located just 5 minutes walk from Keihan Kiyomizu Gojo station. It will take around 30~40 minutes from Kyoto station if you walk with your luggage.

◎Take JR Line train from JR Kyoto station until JR Tofukuji station.Then at Tofukuji station, change to Tofukuji Keihan Line and get off the train at Kiyomizu-gojo station. From the station to our guesthouse is around 5 minutes.
◎From Kyoto station,take the bus at bus gate A1 and get off at [Kawaramachi- Gojo]

[Surrounding facilities]
[Room type]
・Double bedroom : 2 Adults
・Twin bedroom: 2 Adults
・Triple room: 3 Adults (3 single beds)
・Deluxe room: 4 Adults ( 2 single beds & 1 double bed)
If the number of occupants is less than or equal to the permitted number of occupancy, then you can pay for the room charge booked.
Reccomended for married couples,familys and couples.

toothbrushes,shampoo,conditioner,body soap,dryer are in your room.
We do not provide pajamas or meals.

Please make sure you check how to use the booking system (Flow of procedure) before you book.

Bed room
We have Bed, PC, TV, Table, Air Conditioner.
This picture is Triple Room.
Private bath room
We also have a TV in the bathroom, shower, shampoo, conditioner and bodysoap.
We have a separate bath and shower.

Private toilet
Heated seatWashlet
Every room has same equipment.
The wash basin has an extendable showerhead.
We also have tooth brushes and dryer.

There is a kitchen hot plate,kettle,fridge,cups.
Microwave oven
We have a microwave oven in every room.
TV and PC
You can use Internet and free WI-FI.
Washing Machine
We have an automatic washing machine suitable for your long stay.
The bath room can also be used as a drying room.

〒605-0904 Kyoto, Kyoto, Higashiyama-ku Osaka cho 359-1
[Open] 9:00am-5:00pm [Possible for check-in 24/7] (Details at FAQ)

Self Check-in Instruction Download

簡体中文 自助入住方式 说明


한국어 셀프 체크인 지침

English Self check-in instructions

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MAP Kamo River Kiyomizu-Gojo